Pillar 1

Strategic Planning and Management

The transformation to world-class quality is not possible without committed, visionary, hands-on leadership.
- Steven George
Although strategic planning is billed as a way of becoming more future oriented, most managers, when pressed, will admit that their strategic plans reveal more about today's problems than tomorrow's opportunities.
- Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalaad
An environment which calls for perfection is not likely to be easy. But aiming for it is always a road to progress.
- Thomas Watson Jr. (IBM)
The purpose of business is to gain and keep customers.
- Fred Smith (Federal Express)
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The first and possibly most important end to end business process is Strategic Planning and Management. This process consists of the following subsystems:

Strategic plans drive the long-term direction of the entire business. Once completed, the strategic plan is used to develop a much more detailed 3 to 4-year business plan.

The business plan, in turn, is used to develop an annual operating plan which has a 12 month (1 year) horizon.

Projects are developed within a fiscal year, and they contribute to components of the annual operating plan, and utilize the corporation’s resources – people, processes. and tools.

This process is represented in the adjacent diagram.

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